French Troops Kill Three CAR Presidential Guards

French Troops Cntral African Republic
French troops have intervened in the Central African Republic in a bid to protect French economic interests

AFRICANGLOBE – Three ex-rebels shot dead by French troops in the capital of the Central African Republic on Sunday were members of the presidential guard and were “killed in cold blood”, the CAR presidency said. “They were killed in cold blood by members of Sangaris,”presidential spokesman Guy Simplice Kodegue said yesterday, referring to the French force sent this month to disarm ex-rebels sowing chaos in the country.

They are “members of the presidential guard,” he told reporters. President Michel Djotodia, who became the first Muslim leader of the majority Christian nation after a March coup, was formerly leader of the Seleka rebel coalition. He has officially disbanded Seleka, but some members went rogue, leading to months of killing, raping and pillaging — and prompting Christians to form vigilante groups in response.

The French army said its troops opened fire in Bangui on Sunday against “a group of half-a-dozen people suspected of being ex-Seleka” and who “were preparing to use their weapons”.

But the presidential spokesman said the shooting was unprovoked.

“This was not a disarmament operation and no shots were fired, contrary to what was reported in certain French media,” Kodegue added.
He said the ex-rebels were driving in a vehicle when they were stopped and executed.


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  4. The situation CAR was about religion initially but was about politics. The former President François Bozizé had a lot of political opposition who eventually united to form the rebel group Selaka. Not all of the Selaka are Muslim but were just political opponents against Francois government. I think by the way people like you are reacting to the situation over there is the main reason why Chinese Troops should be deployed to the country. The Chinese are neither Christian or Muslim so they would handle the situation fairly.

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  8. President Michel Djotodia should ask the Chinese to deployed peacekeepers because the Chinese will be completely neutral in the sectarian violence that’s currently going on. Also since Djotodia has good ties to Russia it may not be a bad idea to ask Putin for help. If the country is ever split in two, One half pro -France while the other half pro-China, I can almost guarantee that within 10years the Pro-China half will be 10X more developed than the Pro-French half.

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