Fresh Tribal Clashes Kill 7 In Southern Libya

Fresh Tribal Clashes Kill 7 In Southern Libya
The Africans who live in southern Libya has come under sustained assault since the fall of Gaddafi

AFRICANGLOBE – Seven people were killed and 23 others injured in fresh tribal clashes between African and Tuareg nomads in southern Libya, in the town of Ubari, a medical official said Tuesday.

“Most of the injuries were caused by gunfire,” Mohamed Ali of Morzaq hospital in Ubari told Anadolu Agency.

Eyewitnesses said that clashes re-erupted between Tuaregs and Al-Tabu tribesmen in the town while electricity and telecommunication services disrupted.

The violence came one month after Tuaregs signed a cease-fire deal with the Al-Tabu tribesmen to halt their clashes that had left at least 20 people earlier.

The Tuareg, a Berber people who adhere to a nomadic lifestyle, live in the deserts of Libya, Algeria, Niger and Mali.

There are no official estimates for Libya’s Tuareg population, but some sources put their number at about 30,000 out of the country’s roughly 6.5 million people.

The Al-Tabu tribe, meanwhile, has kinsmen living in northern Chad and northern Niger.


By: Rebecca Murray


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