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How Germans Hide Behind The Nazis And Jews To Shroud Their Genocides Against Blacks


How Germans Hide Behind The Nazis And Jews To Shroud Their Genocides Against Blacks
Blood-soaked Germany has refused to apologize and compensate the people of Namibia for the genocide they committed there.

AFRICANGLOBE – The BBC recently attempted to review a film on historical racism against Africans and their descendants in Germany. Being Black in Nazi Germany? The question the BBC shies away from reviewing is simply this: How different could it be from being Black in Nazi America? Are the Germans not the majority ethnicity also in America? And did not America commit worse crimes against humanity within their own borders? How is it so difficult to see the obvious? Is it perhaps because the obvious makes no political sense?

Specifically, the question ought to be: Why does Hollywood, for example, continue to propagate its white saviour tropes in all their films that entrench the idea that only blonde, blue-eyed men are capable of heroism? Is Hollywood not a German industry? That is, is Hollywood not controlled by men of mostly German ethnicity?

How do Hollywood’s beliefs in the blonde, blue-eyed heroes square with Hitler’s agenda? Pretty well. How do Hollywood’s beliefs in the blonde-blue-eyed saviours square with white supremacy and Hitler’s agenda? Very well. Neatly, obviously. Was Hitler not German? Was he not a reported Jew? Was he not also Nazi?

How is the proper question about the terrorism of Germans against Africans in Germany, and in Africa and in the Americas never begged and addressed in any context? Why do scholars side-step the point? White supremacy is as old as western Europe. Hitler’s white supremacy of a world belonging to only the blonde and blue-eyed didn’t begin with him, nor did it die with him. The fact that the brown-haired whites have now been politically assimilated into the Nazi circles of Europe and America does not mean that they were not part of it to begin with.

Did not a hundred thousand Italian soldiers die in Russia for Hitler, fighting for Hitler, while the same Hitler preached the superiority of Nordics over Italians? Did not American companies owned by German Americans fund Hitler’s Military Industrial Complex? The facts of history are clear, yet scholars in Europe and America continue to confound the truth with labels that mean nothing except to satisfy a peculiar agenda. Scholars in the rest of the world are also afraid that exposing the facts of German terrorism against Africans, against Blacks, against whoever is not white, would prevent them from accessing funds for European and American academic conferences.

The fact has been that western European governments and taught-leaders have been committing genocides against only one group of people for the past four centuries and on: Africans! Today’s brutal Prison Industrial Complex in America, owned by German Americans, houses 25 percent of the world’s prison population. And guess what? Blacks represent the overwhelming share of that population culled away from the world. It is not just the Nazis who did stuff like this. This fact of the many hidden, unspoken, unwritten genocides of Blacks at the hands of Germans in Germany, in Africa and in the Americas, is what unsettles scholars who like to throw in Nazism, and with it Anti-Semitism, every chance they get as if critiquing anything German somehow reinforces genocides. How is critiquing the thievery of a thief reinforce thievery?

The problem with the BBC and most western journals is that they are in fact toothless institutions masquerading as angels of truth. They’ve always been mask wearing devils. How is the reality of the fraught race-relations of Europe and America never published? For example, why is this questions never asked – Are Black Germans not Black? Are African Germans not African? Are white Germans not white? Are Jewish Germans not white? Are white Jews not white? Are Black Jews not Black? Are Black Jews not being exterminated and sterilized in Israel by white Jews? Are the African Jews not still being sterilized and exterminated in Israel by the German Jews? The thing is, scholars are afraid to name the crime of racism (of white supremacy) everywhere they see it, even in Israel, for fear of suffering from liberal uproars.

Today’s scholars are like the ones of old. They have not changed one bit. They lie, through their teeth, literally! Perhaps the problem lies with us, not them. Perhaps we are too naive? How did we come to accept that the BBC for instance could be born out of the same caves and become capable of transformation into honest men? One day the same untruthful scholars would say, “Well those were back in the day,.. they has a bunch of dishonest scholars. We are truthful now.” Kai. The world is full of dishonest western scholars and western influenced journals married to liberal white supremacy and conservative Nazism.

Europe is full of Nazis. America is full of Nazis. Reality is the truth. Look nowhere else! The only thing the Nazis hate the most is the Black man. The only thing they have in common is the hatred of Black people. This BBC article is one such daylight example of the twisting of white supremacy to look like only the Nazis (white peoples’ poster step-brothers) practice(d) it, even as they pretend to review a few about racism in Germany.


The Genocide That Germany Committed In Africa

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