We Will Hand Over Power As Soon As Possible Says Sudan’s Military

We Will Hand Over Power As Soon As Possible Says Sudan's Military
Defense Minister Awad ibn Oaf is from the old regime and should have no future in the new government.

AFRICANGLOBE – The head of the political committee of the newly established military transitional council has said in a press conference on Friday that the military has no political agenda for the country.

Omar Zein Abideen told reporters that the military’s actions were meant to save the country from chaos and a new civilian government could be installed within a month, if a government is formed.

He insisted the military acted in order to meet the demands of the people and called on the Sudanese people, civil society and political players to engage in a dialogue that will find a solution to the country’s economic problems. “The committee plans to begin dialogue with political groups later. We are the protectors of the demands of the people and that is by consensus from the political entities,” Abideen said.

He also said the military have no intention of handing over Omar al Bashir to the International Criminal Court where he is wanted for war crimes and genocide.

The press conference came after protesters defied a three-month curfew imposed by the military after the take over. They are calling for a new and civilian-led government.

The military had previously said they will lead a two year transitional period.