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Happy Birthday Zimbabwe

Happy Birthday Zimbabwe
President Mugabe lights the Independence flame

AFRICANGLOBE – This year Zimbabwe celebrates 34 years of independence under the theme: Zimbabwe @34: Defending Our Sovereignty and Providing an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Economic Empowerment and Social Transformation.

Indeed this year’s Independence celebrations are fitting, coming as they do barely nine (9) months after our resounding electoral victory.

It is against this backdrop that ZANU PF wishes to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe for attaining 34 years of independence.  This is a great achievement indeed considering how far we have come and the enormous progress we have made since 1980.

Under the able stewardship of President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe has continually insisted on the sanctity of its independence and sovereignty and this has seen even those bent on effecting regime change failing in their desperate attempts.

And by voting consistently for ZANU PF and shunning away from surrogate parties, the citizens of Zimbabwe have demonstrated what it really means to be an independent people.

The resounding victory of the people’s party in the last election was further affirmation of our independence as a country. It was confirmation that as a free nation, as an independent people, only we have the right to determine our destiny and our leadership. We will forever cherish our independence which came about as a result of huge sacrifices.

But what makes our independence unique and special is that as Zimbabwe we have insisted not just on political freedom but on economic emancipation as well. We have embarked on policies that empower our people not just in political ways but socio-economically as well.

The first form of empowerment came when President Mugabe revolutionized the education sector in Zimbabwe from what he inherited in 1980. Today we are the most literate nation on the continent. Indeed our people are admired universally for their intellectual prowess.

Nor is that all. The government of President Mugabe has continued to prioritize education through the Presidential Scholarship Scheme which has seen tens of thousands of Zimbabweans going through tertiary education.

Women hold a banner in commemorations of Zimbabwe’s independence at the NSS

One of the greatest strides that we have made as a country since 1980 concerns land. Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans now have access to land which was hitherto confined to a handful of White commercial farmers. This has helped boost the economy and improve ordinary lives. The government of President Mugabe has supported subsistence farmers with inputs and this in turn has assisted immensely with food security.

Recently the country embarked on the indigenisation programme which has seen millions of ordinary Zimbabweans benefiting from Zimbabwe’s natural resources through Community Share Trusts, Employee Share Schemes and the setting up of the Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Currently the government is working on implementing a very progressive economic blueprint Zim-Asset whose focus is on: Food Security and Nutrition, Social Services and Poverty Eradication, Infrastructure and Utilities and Value Addition and Beneficiation.

There are countless other achievements which have been made since 1980 including health care and child welfare, rural electrification, provision of basic services amongst other achievements.

However, our independence remains threatened by the debilitating economic sanctions imposed illegally on us by nations hostile to Zimbabwe. We continue to urge these countries with known vested economic and political interests to remove all sanctions against Zimbabwe fully and without any conditions.

But, make no mistake, we have a lot more to be happy about, plenty to look back on with great pride and satisfaction. We count amongst the most peaceful nations on earth in direct contrast with the strife and terror such as we see coming out of Syria, Iraq, Egypt and sudan. Indeed we have enough reason to celebrate our independence!


Long Live National Stability

Long Live National Unity

Long Live ZANU PF

Long Live Cde R.G. Mugabe

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