Health Conditions Deteriorating in Darfur Camps


Displaced persons from camps in Central and West Darfur have complained about diseases, such as malaria, diarrhea and abdominal pain spreading rapidly. In addition, they complained about the lack of available medication as well as the rising prices of medicines.

A number of displaced from El-Geneina, Mornei and Bindessey camps said that the rapidly spreading diseases caused the death of several children and elderly so far.

Camp Bindessey leadership disclosed the death of six children between Sunday September 23 and Monday October 1. In addition, a number of camp residents reported there is hardly any house without a malaria patient. The residents pointed out that the price of malaria treatment ranges between 50 and 60 Sudanese Pounds (SDG) which many refugees do not have.

The displaced appealed to the health authorities to intervene and act accordingly to stop the diseases from spreading further.

Action required

On the other hand, the national coordinator of the malaria control program, Khalid Abdul Muttalib, announced that the arrangements for health intervention and investigation of the cause behind the rapidly spreading diseases in West Darfur are in place. These arrangements include preventing epidemics through implementation of spraying and ensuring free access to malaria treatment medication.

The coordinator said that action is required from politicians and governors of Darfur states to prevent an epidemic from breaking out.