Homosexuality As Collateral For ‘Dead Aid’

Ugandan President Set To Sign New Law Against Homosexuality
President Yoweri Museveni must stay strong against Western attempts to scuttle Ugandan democracy

AFRICANGLOBE – Enter memory lane to the days of Lot, Abraham’s nephew in Sodom — a name from which the English word “sodomy” is derived. If you are lost, let God’s true and faithful guide, the Bible, hold your hand and lead you down the road that never ever gets overgrown with weeds of time and into ancient biblical times.

Lot is busy lavishing hospitality on messengers of God, angels sent to evacuate him and his family from the wicked town before it is incinerated with fire raining from Heaven.

Suddenly the house is besieged and surrounded by hordes of homosexuals demanding that the “men” they saw entering the house should come outside so that we “have sex with them”.

Lot pleads with the homosexuals to leave his visitors alone and in their place take his innocent daughters to do their thing with the girls. However, the invaders say they will have none of the girls and proceed to try to breakdown the door to gain access into the house, whereupon the Angels strike them with blindness and then lead Lot’s family away and out of the doomed town.

Sexual wickedness through homosexuality in Lot’s time and abhorrent human frailties in the days of Noah were preludes to the destruction by fire and by floods of the respective periods as the result of God’s wrath.

Today, apparently at the behest of the anti-Christ whose shadow is creeping inexorably over the world, the Western world in particular is trying furtively to use homosexuality as a corollary to colonialism to enslave smaller, less developed countries.

The West does this by insisting that to qualify for foreign financial aid the applicant must accept and then use the homosexuality as collateral.

Homosexuality as a conditionality on international capital that is needed to develop less affluent economies is already straining relations between some African and Western countries and could further undermine international relations between the haves of the North and the have nots of the South, including Zimbabwe.

What is more frightening and ghastly to contemplate is that homosexuality notably in North America, may be a sign, as in Noah’s days, of the world as we know it coming to an end.

Add that to violent political upheavals including terrorism around the globe today; rampant corruption in which Zimbabwe has not been spared; pornography which has become a romping sacred cow in God’s Church in some countries where the devil is trying to destroying the temple God built in people as his dwelling; families breaking up with a frightening rapidity also as the devils handy work; the persecution of Christians by adherents of other religions; false prophets galore: all these things are markers, signs climaxing the close of this age, as Jesus Christ foretold when speaking to his disciplines from the Mount of Olives (Matthew 24).

Unfortunately for humanity today, no angels in flesh and blood will tread this earth to rescue the children of God before Jesus returns bearing with him eternal life for his flock and with the ungodly receiving their just deserts in the form of eternal damnation in hell.

And unlike in Noah’s days God will not instruct church leaders to build an ark as a refuge for those who believe in Jesus Christ, his son, to escape from the destruction of this world.

The Ark, the church, built by Jesus, is already in existence for humanity to climb in there and survive the wrath of God, or stay outside of it pursuing the rainbows of life in Satan’s dark world with fitting consequences at the close of these short years on earth.

When those spreading the Good News through the church talk themselves hoarse they are not merely trying to micro-manage their congregations as do political leaders when berating corrupt, factional and violent political party followers.

In both cases, this pen strongly suggests that the leaders echo the warnings from The Mount Olives concerning behaviours and actions that amount to signs pointing to the door being slung shut to this age. For is Jesus not the Church’s Chief Priest or the King of kings, Lord of Lords, President of presidents, governor of governors?

Thus, President Mugabe’s vehement denunciation of corruption, factionalism as well homosexuality, should be viewed in that light, as should Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni signing into law an anti-gay bill that prescribes harsh penalties against homosexuality.

That being so, no one will plead ignorance regarding these before- the end-signs on Judgment Day.

For those not in the know, the homosexuality crusade all started in America the land of wonderful opportunities in the early 1970s, or even much earlier, with gays and lesbians parading their inverted sex in street marches, accompanied by police outriders in San Francisco city (see Stephen Mpofu’s book “Creatures at the Top”)

At first the Church on that side of the Atlantic was adamantly insular to gay marriages in the United States. That opposition however, melted down, like snow or ice under the heat of the pressure homosexuals exerted on the world to accept their “human rights” and the rest is now history.

Much closer to home and in concluding his discourse, factionalism-like corruption-should be viewed by all as a cancer in Zimbabwe’s body politik and those who wilfully espouse and promote it should be regarded as diseased political cancer cells that must be extracted from the political system of this country yesterday.


By: Stephen Mpofu


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