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Ignorant Zulu King Must Deport His Wives, His Son And Get A Job

Ignorant Zulu King Must Deport His Wives, His Son Back From Swaziland And Get A Job
King Goodwill Zwelithini

AFRICANGLOBE – The luxury of living on people’s hard earned taxes clearly pollutes one’s judgement to the extent of making them talk nonsense. This is the fate that Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini shares with his equally delusional brother in-law king Mswati.

A month after telling Swazis in Swaziland that they should not engage in industrial action, he has come out to declare that all foreigners should be deported from South Africa. His reasoning is that foreigners should not be allowed to compete with South Africans for local economic opportunities. This shocking declaration comes from a man who has in his harem two foreign nationals from Swaziland who live on South African taxes. These are Zola Mafu and Mantfombi Dlamini. As if that was not enough hypocrisy, Zwelithini’s son Mandlesizwe Zulu is actually an employee of the Swazi army.

This is not only a case of a South African being allowed to compete with Swazis for jobs but violates South Africa’s laws. According to South African law a South African cannot be a member of a foreign country’s armed forces. They can only participate in another country’s armed forces as deployees of the South African army. Zwelithini’s son is not a member of the South African Defense Force and therefore cannot be deployed to any army in any capacity. He is merely breaking the law and ought to be arrested and charged. it is unfortunate that he has not clarified as to which “foreigners” he is referring to because investors from all over the world have been participating in South Africa’s economy since the discovery of Gold in the country.

Our guess is that he was referring to the African nationals who have been victims of mob attacks from township dwellers. As to how a grown man of such stature can inflame hatred amongst Africans with such ignorant rhetoric is truly alarming. Perhaps he is too ignorant to know that South Africa is signatory to treaties which allow foreigners to live and work in the country, having fled their politically volatile homes. Unlike him and his harem, these Africans have the dignity to actually work for their income.


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