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Islamic Terrorist Al-Shabab Executes Somali Boy

The Al shabaab group, which the US alleges to be Al Qaeda’s proxy in the horn of Africa nation, on Thursday executed a young Somali boy in coastal district of Harardhere in Mudug region o f central Somalia.

Many of the local residents were invited at a main square in the district to watch the execution of the boy.

The Al shabaab group has accused Garad Ahmed Ashkir, 22, of murdering a woman after raping her, according to a resident in Haradere coastal area told Shabelle Media Network.

Women and very young children were among those summoned to witness the killing action.

Official from the group were present at the scene the execution penalty has taken place.

They say the boy was sentenced to death after distinctly confessed he raped the woman and then murdered.

Some of the locals expressed a deep anxiety about the execution sentence and described the sentence as hast decision with out investigation

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