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Jacob Zuma Exposed
Zuma Exposed

AFRICANGLOBE – Zuma Exposed was released on the eve of the 53rd African National Congress (ANC) elective conference in December.

Although the book detailed President Jacob Zuma’s financial and political troubles, it did little to deter diehard ANC supporters from re-electing him for a second term as party president.

Jacob Zuma is also the ANC’s presidential candidate in the country’s 2014 elections.

This investigative book shows the extent of Zuma’s faults and failures as the leader of Africa’s largest economy.

It also details how JZ, as he is affectionately known, became president and the conspiracy theories about him.

It presents information about his financial backers and details about the controversial arms deal and the police’s forensic investigation.

It describes Jacob Zuma as a tainted but very strategic politician and looks at how an affable man of the people became a bad president.

Basson argues that in five years Jacob Zuma’s decisions, judgements and leadership pushed some of his staunchest supporters to go from saying ‘die for Zuma’ to ‘anyone but Zuma’.

Basson’s book does not raise anything that has not been in the public domain, but he gives readers details about the 783 corrupt payments totaling R4.1m ($480,000) paid to Jacob Zuma.

Detailed and thoroughly investigated, the book might be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the country and Jacob Zuma’s money and corruption trails to follow.

For keen watchers of South Africa, it is a must read and provides an understanding of Jacob Zuma, the flawed man.

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