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Jacob Zuma Has Ruined The Legacy Of South Africa?


Jacob Zuma Has Ruined The Legacy Of  South Africa?
Jacob is a disgrace to the ANC

AFRICANGLOBE – The deplorable state of the roads in South Africa characterised by numerous potholes, some too big  that they have become craters, accurately reflects the 21 years of the ANC’s misrule. It is a truism that most of the tarred roads where constructed during the F.W De klerk regime era, that is before independence. What is now embarrassing to us Blacks is that the persons who freed us from the colonial shackles of an oppressive and racist white regime have not only failed to improve the lot of the majority of the Black people but actually have worsened their plight.

The ANC’s regime has among other things failed to  at least maintain the infrastructure that was put in place by the De Klerk regime, look at the dilapidated state of our road and railway systems not to mention what has happened to our national Health and Education facilities. And as the president President Zuma reaches the twilight of his political career, would he want to leave a legacy as the man who destroyed what was once the gold of  South South Africa. The prevailing water shortages should be addressed as a matter of urgency.It is clear that the ANC led regime is neglecting to provide adequate and safe domestic water to residents, a constitutional right.

Lack of access to safe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practices are responsible for the prevalence of preventable diseases in these areas. The problems of inadequate water supply in high density, low income communities result in exposure to pollution, especially when people resort to digging shallow wells. The alteration of water quality through sewerage effluent discharges increase concentration of phosphates and nitrates that in turn result in algal blooms and eutrophication. Tap water, when available is clearly polluted as changes in colour, odour, taste, temperature and turbidity” are clearly prevalent.

This is a situation residents can not afford to ignore any more. The relevant authorities must hasten to address this problem before it gets out of hand. If this explosive situation is not handled with care we might end up having another cholera outbreak such as that of 2008 in which many people lost their lives. Domestic water supply in high density suburbs, both in terms of quality and quantity, is far from satisfactory and this has exposed residents to various water-related challenges and risks.

Populations in these poor communities are experiencing utter deprivation of safe water supplies and proper sanitary facilities despite paying for the provision of safe water to the council for years. It is heart-rending to hear of council officials purchasing top-of-the-range vehicles, awarding themselves heavy perks and allowances while we do not have safe drinking water.This  is a gross violation of human rights. Someone must act before it is too late!


By: Adam Sibuyi

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