Kenneth Kaunda Urges Renewal of Pan-Africanism

Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda On Pan Africanism
Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda

AFRICANGLOBE – Zambia’s founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has asked African countries to rekindle the spirit of pan-Africanism and claim that which belongs to them, the Post of Zambia reported on Tuesday.

Kaunda — who is a special envoy of the organisation whose membership is drawn from political parties in Africa — said the creation of the organisation had the potential to strengthen and help Africa and humanity work together for the good of the continent.

“As a believer of pan-Africanism, I am a well-wisher of African people to actively working together for the good of the continent and humanity,” he was quoted as saying by the paper during the organisation’s inaugural executive meeting in the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

The 89-year-old former leader also said it was time for African countries to come together and renew their commitment to fostering unity and justice.

“We must come forward with united strength and claim this century as Africans.

“With your renewed commitment to foster unity and justice, you are able to redress injustices suffered by the African people as a result of local and external factors,” he added.

Dr Kaunda said Africa was today able to face the world as a continent capable of leading itself to prosperity. “We are a friendly people, strong in our cultures. We can interact with others in humility, dignity and yet remain in strength. We should not let the dominant adulterate the values of humanity. We should be wary of ethnic, tribal and religious divisions that are linked to instability of these challenges that threaten development,” he said.

Meanwhile, a coalition of African political parties said yesterday that the International Criminal Court is a tool targeted at African leaders for regime change