Kenya Will Not Be Cowed By Terrorists – Kibaki

Nairobi blast
Kenya is a victim of Muslim terrorism

Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki on Friday said Kenya will not be cowed by terrorist threats which have lately interfered with the country’s security.

Speaking during celebrations to mark the 49th Madaraka Day, he said the nation will deal with any terrorists intending to attack Kenya.

“We are telling those who threaten us that, we will not relent in taking steps that will guarantee our national security. As a nation, we will never be intimidated. We will hunt down and deal with those who pose danger to our people,” he asserted.

While he admitted that terrorism has greatly affected the security of the country, he urged Kenyans to volunteer information to help the country fight terrorism.

“I urge Kenyans to complement their efforts by volunteering information that would lead to their arrest and prosecution. Do not harbour a criminal or a terrorist who is a danger to your brother and sister and fellow Kenyan,” he appealed.

The president further called for regional peace particularly in Somalia, Sudan and Southern Sudan as he urged the international community to especially support Somalia upon the expiry of the transitional government in August.

Kibaki said it was important that Somalia is helped to have a peaceful transition to ensure stability is encouraged in the region.

He called on Khartoum to end its hostility and return to the negotiating table with Juba to end their longstanding differences that have resulted in tension which he felt was also affecting neighbouring countries.

He urged the two to look for amicable solutions that will restore peace and development to their people and their neighbours.

During his remarks at the Nyayo National Stadium in Nairobi, Kibaki called on Kenyans to observe traffic rules to address the increasing number of road accidents being reported in the country almost on a daily basis.

“We must recognise, however, that there cannot be traffic police officers at every junction and roundabout to control us. We must, therefore develop a sense of personal responsibility and observe order on our roads,” he advised.

He further revealed that the government will soon implement the amended traffic rules as a guarantee traffic rules will be followed.