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Kenyan Author Attacked And Beaten In Germany


Kenyan Author Attacked And Beaten In Germany
Author Binyavanga Wainaina.

AFRICANGLOBE – Kenyana author Binyavanga Wainaina was viciously assaulted by a racist taxi driver in Berlin, Germany, as a crowd watched in glee.

Mr Wainaina, who is recovering from a stroke that had affected his speech, was in Berlin on a Daad Fellowship, one of the most prestigious in the world.

The attack came a few moments after a Black woman had warned him to not venture outside on a bicycle, and that four Ghanians had been killed the previous Saturday.

But the Kenyan author ignored him and proceeded to his apartment in Charlottenburg where he called a taxi to come and take him to a clinic.

As he sat on the back seat of the car and began looking for the address of the clinic on his phone, the impatient driver became agitated.

The driver then suddenly got out of the car and went to Mr Wainaina’s side, opened the door and began beating him.

My Wainaina’s neighbours just watched without coming to his aid.

The Kenyan author has since moved to Zurich, Switzerland.

Here is the author’s description of the event in a post on Facebook on Tuesday.

Berlin chronicles. Am in Berlin as one of the writers on a Daad Fellowship.. This is one of the most prestigious fellowships in the world. Berlin is a city of bikes. I live in Charlottenburg. You don’t see Black people in Charlottenburg.

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