Kenyan Warships Continue to Shell Kismayo

Kenyan ship of the Somali coast

Kenyan warships have fired shells at the Somali town of Kismayo, the second largest city of Somalia, a day after Al shabab pulled out of the town as the allied forces closed in, local residents said Sunday.

The warships fired more than ten rounds of shells at the coastal town on Sunday, killing at least two, wounding seriously three others, all civilians who were rushed Sunday to the local hospitals for treatment.

It was immediately unclear the ship’s identity, but Kenyan defence forces (KDF) have in the past carried out such naval attacks in the city that left dozens of civilians dead.

Kenyan forces are part of the African Union forces fighting Al-Shabab in support of the Somali government. Kenya has vowed to drive militants out of Kismayo, and residents say some people have fled the city to avoid casualties.

Kismayo, some 500 Km south of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital has been the only remaining key stronghold of Somali militant group Al-Shabab for the past three years.