Large Turnout As Liberia Holds Peaceful Election

The Elections Coordinating Committee, (ECC) has commended the level of enthusiasm and spirit that characterize the ongoing general elections in Liberia.

Speaking to Malcom W. Joseph an Executive with the ECC says “the group observed that despite heavy rains on the morning of elections, turnout is encouraging and the process is orderly and peaceful,” he added that, polls opened on time and materials were available at polling centers visited.

The Elections observation body also commends political party representatives, local and international observers for making their presence felt at polling centers. According to the ECC, security presence remains visible and the level of priority accorded people with special conditions such as the disable, elderly and pregnant women is commendable.

ECC intimated that the level of cooperation from all parties in the process including voters demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring that the general aspirations of citizens are guaranteed through the outcome of the elections.

The group however notes there are few challenges that, if not addressed, could undermine the gains made so far in ensuring a credible and transparent process. ECC observed some cases of congested polling places and dark voting rooms which could compromise the secret ballot system.

Joseph also noted that “the slow pace in the conduct of the polls is hampering the processing of voters thus leading to long queues. In some cases, some party agents were disallowed on grounds they did not have party identification cards and in other cases the voting rooms were too small to accommodate large number of party agents and these situations could discourage many voters from continuing the process.”

Meanwhile the ECC calls on the National Elections Commission to ensure that corrective measures are taken to address the issues of slow pace at poling centers. The ECC on the other hand encourages voters to remain patient and remain in the queues until the end of voting.

ECC is a consortium of over thirty civil society organizations and it is seeking to promote free, fair and credible elections in Liberia. For this elections the group has about two thousand observers spread across Liberia to report any incidence of electoral malpractices.