Is Lean The Competitive Edge In Emerging Africa Market?

Is Lean The Competitive Edge In Emerging Africa Market?

The giants see Africa markets as the emerging next global destination. Cheap labor, vast resources, land locked countries and the eagerness to grow make them the blue-eyed boys of future growth and development.

At the same time, unskilled labor, port congestions, power, distribution and logistics, productivity, pose a lot of challenges in the red ocean.

The game will favor those who are effective in each functional domain of the enterprise. The huge potential leads to high investments, but the associated risks cannot be ignored.

This would need operations excellence, team excellence and business excellence to be much knitted and to be in sync with the organization vision. This integration and alignment can bring around the desired change management leading to Lean Manufacturing excellence.

The exposure and awareness to World Class Manufacturing practices does prevail, but needs to be executed as part of the strategy. The human resources need to be counseled for a well-designed team propelling the growth of the organizations.

The Total Human Management (THM) pillar of the Lean Model can play a pivotal role in anchoring the design, training and execution of Lean Manufacturing pillars and tools for creation of fit and flexible world class organizations.

This would enable the local players keep the competitive forces at bay while they raise their own internal standards.

The markets are available for all, but Lean organizations can capture them with much ease and create entry barriers for the external players or at least make them have a run for their money.

Every country, every business, each and every product line, all industrial issues, all customer issues are unique in nature. They have only one common platform – the need for integrating the art and science of application of Lean for Operations Excellence, Team Excellence and Business Excellence for adding value in totality!!

AVCI specializes in Operations Excellence, Team Excellence and Business Excellence for Adding Value in Totality!! Thereby turning around organizations for growth and sustained profitability. AVCI has assisted more than 250 organizations over the last decade. ADDVALUE has been awarded the Best Performing Consulting Organization – 2014.

The author is Nilesh Arora: Founder – Partner, AddValue Consulting Inc. (AVCI). He is a Lean Consultant and Trainer, Strategic Management Expert and a Business Coach. He has been consulting several organizations in Asia Pacific – Africa – Australia. He coaches business leaders across an array of industrial and business sectors and also serves as an independent director on board of many organizations. He is the pioneer of Total Lean Management (TLM) model and 9 Steps to Building World Class Organizations. With his work experience spanning across continents, Nilesh exercises a high degree of discretion, mature judgment and tact in handling family businesses. His experience, skills and qualities perfectly match his passion for Change Management.