Libyan Government Says Six Persons Died in Nato-led Strike on Compound

The Libyan Government says Nato-led air strikes hit Moamer Kadhafi’s compound on Thursday, killing six people, and wounding 10.

There is no independent confirmation of the casualties.

A statement from the alliance said Nato-led aircraft carried out 46 strike sorties on Wednesday, including raids which took out 4 ammunition caches, 4 command and control facilities and 2 surface-to-air missile launchers in and around Tripoli, and one launcher near Misrata.

The pre-dawn strikes in Tripoli came just hours after Libyan state television showed what it said was footage of Kadhafi meeting tribal dignitaries from the rebel-held east.

It was the first new footage of Kadhafi since an air strike killed his son Seif al-Arab and three of his grandchildren.

Nato spokespeople have repeatedly insisted that they have made no attempt to strike individual leaders of the Libyan government, but have targeted its capacity to harm civilians.

Meanwhile in London, rebel leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil held talks with UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

He invited Jalil’s National Transitional Council to open an office in London, their first foreign mission.

The rebels were buoyed by their capture on Wednesday, of Misrata airport, which gave them full control of Libya’s third city, their only significant stronghold in the west of the country.