A List Of A Few Of The The Most Infamous Dictators Of All Time

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A List Of A Few Of The The Most Infamous Dictators Of All Time

Throughout history, we have seen a series of iron-fist rulers who were identified more for their dictatorship as compared to their achievements. Most of these fascists usually are welcomed into office, but with time, they became the object of anger for the tribulations they have caused. While there have been a good number of dictatorial rulers for hundreds of years, here is a list of the ten abominable dictators of all time.

Adolf Hitler is one among the top ten abominable dictators in the world being the man behind the Holocaust. In the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler violently massacred millions of Jews, peasants, homosexuals, physically disabled people, and communists. Hitler might have been regarded as yet another dictator, but the intense memories of the Holocaust still spark fresh disgust for this Dictator.

Idi Amin Dada is another of the ten notorious dictators of all time. This no-nonsense African ruler was the President of Uganda, an East African nation which he ruled with a cold grip. Amin’s egregious rule was characterized by despicable corruption, shameful violation of political and civil rights, and also ethnic murders and extra-judicial killings. His story is well revealed in the movie ‘Rise and fall of Idi Amin’ and the recently released ‘Last King of Scotland’.

Kim Jong II was the dictatorial ruler of North Korea who just passed away recently. He caused a great number of physically impaired people to be exiled from his territory. About forty percent of poor nutrition cases were noted during his rule. This individual tapped all mails and telephone lines in the country and only supplied internet access to governmental allies. The final atrocity he committed was setting up the horrendous concentration camps in North Korea, which earned him a seat in the top ten infamous rulers in history.

Dictatorship in Africa was premiered by the likes of Idi Amin and followed by tyrants like Omar Al Bashir of Sudan. His ill repute began with a bloody coup then by a series of violence between the Southern part and Northern Sudan. His rule saw over 100,000 citizens who left the country and dozens of other people killed in South Sudan.

As an African leader forming part of the ten abominable dictators in history, the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is famous for his greed for power. He was in power for two and a half decades now, in which blames like participation in the second Congo War have been hurled against him. The deteriorating Zimbabwean economy is attributed to his leadership, alongside a series of physical violence and political crimes.

Syria has observed troubles under the tyrannical rule of Bashar Al-Assad. Even his first title was Tyrant in Chief, after succeeding his father. How does he become part of the 10 infamous dictators in history? He ordered a mass bombing and shooting of civilians in which over 3,500 people were massacred, including children.

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is known for silencing the media in his country and taking advantage of the judicial law, in his favor, to imprison and capture political rivals. Hugo goes down as one of the ten infamous tyrants of all time for his crazy love for dictatorial power regardless of being afflicted with cancer.

Chairman Mao Tse-Tung became a tyrannical leader of China since 1976. He deserves a place in the list of ten infamous dictators in the history for using torture methods on his enemies, some which included the insertion of sharp objects in the victim’s orifice.

Fidel Castro can be said to be a good mannered dictator during his rule. The only dark side to him is the mass murders he executed in Cuba, which painted him as one of the top abominable dictators in history.

What makes the Turkmenistan leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov one of the top infamous tyrants in history? His tyrannical rule is marked with tight control of the mass media, intolerance to political resistance, and the slaughter of human rights activists in the country.

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