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‘Madonna Turns Malawi Adopted Kids Into Slaves’


'Madonna Turns Malawi Adopted Kids Into Slaves'
Non-Africans should never be allowed to adopt African children

AFRICANGLOBE – David Banda and Chifundo Mercy James have once again become social media sensations but this time not for the dance moves to their foster mother’s songs but in what some commentators have said it is their turning down into slaves for the pop icon.

The two have courted the attention after Madonna posted a photo online of herself being given a foot massage by the two kids she adopted from Malawi where President Mutharika made her a goodwill ambassador of child welfare. The two were pictured on their knees pleasuring Madonna.

The photo which Madonna had made to be cast into a good light of the bond existing between her and the children however attracted angry comments from people online.

One person has reportedly been said to have alleged that Madonna had engaged the two children as her slaves. The person faulted the adoption saying it was one way through which Madonna got slaves. Another person however has been quoted as saying that Madonna was being a racist in using the kids to massage her.

A social commentator Emily Luwani however laughed off those remarks made by the commenters and said they were driven by the anger they had for Madonna.

“It is pure envy that some people are offended by the love between Madonna and her two children, some do not like her music and think this is the best way of attacking her,” said Luwani.

She said there was nothing wrong with that and asked if eyebrows could have been raised if it was Madonna’s biological kids doing that.


By: Mike J. Kangwele

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