Malema, ANC, Back Down On “Shoot the Boer” Song

Julius Malema
Former ANCYL President Julius Malema

Former South African National Congress (ANC) youth leader Julius Malema can still make news headlines despite being expelled by the ruling party.

This time the politician is in the news over an old liberation struggle song that has been banned under the guise that it might stalk racial disharmony.

He has vowed to never sing the divisive song “Dubula iBhunu” (Shoot the Boer) after reaching an out of court settlement with White lobby groups.

The song landed Malema and the ANC in hot water with Whites who argued that it  incited hatred and violence against White South Africans.

But this week parties, including Malema, the ANC and the White interests lobby groups AfriForum and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (Tau SA), reached an agreement on the song.

The agreement stated that the parties agreed that AfriForum and Tau SA would abandon an Equality Court order and that the ANC and Malema in turn would abandon their appeal to the Supreme Court.

The mediation agreement was thrashed after the Supreme Court of Appeal issued an order.

Local newspapers reported that Malema said he “would not sing the controversial song again”.

“Yes, I am party to it \[the agreement] and I will continue to practice my culture and my heritage and I will continue to be sensitive to the needs of other communities,” he said.

AfriForum had taken the case to the Equality Court and in September last year.

Malema was convicted of hate speech and the court ruling effectively banned the song.

In his judgment, Judge Colin Lamont held that the words “undermined people’s dignity and were discriminatory and harmful”.

According to AfriForum, the ANC acknowledged, “certain struggle songs contain lyrics that originate from a specific era in history, which today can be hurtful to minority communities”.

The body said the ANC and Malema also undertook to encourage and counsel their supporters and members to refrain from singing songs that could contain hurtful lyrics.