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Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters to Contest South Africa’s Presidential Poll


Julius Malema Economic Freedom Fighters
Julius Malema

AFRICANGLOBE – Julius Malema officially launched his new political organisation, the Economic Freedom Fighters recently. Malema said it was agreed by members that the EFF would be a radical leftist movement that will look to contest the 2014 presidential elections.

“We are not like Agang (SA) and all of them . . . We have a completely different plan.”

The former ANC Youth League president said the EFF will focus on land expropriation and promised that White South Africans “are more than welcome to join us in the redistribution of land and wealth in South Africa”.

Malema said: “This land is too big. There is nobody who will be driven to the sea. We will share, Black and White. But failure to share means you will be forced to share.

“We all belong here, but we all have to show proof that we belong here. Black people have nothing to show. Therefore we must give them something to show so they can say proudly: this is our land, this is our country.”

While he lashed out at the African National Congress, he said that the EFF’s “number one enemy” is Helen Zille’s Democratic Alliance as “they support monopoly capital”.

“We will never go to bed with (the DA),” Malema said.

He also took aim at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, saying it was run at Luthuli House, the ANC’s headquarters.

“Comrades in the SABC operate like its the 80’s . . . (they are) scared they are going to be fired,” Malema said.

He said that high profile members of government will help the EFF “from within” while the organisation also consults with unions within Cosatu.

Julius Malema was speaking at a news conference in Braamfontein.

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