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The Meaning Of Black


In the beginning, there was Black.

Black is the origin. Of all people.

Black is a present people. A future people.

A historic people.


The Black Land.

Black is fertile like soil.

Black is nurturing. Black is loved and is love.

The Black Body is the best absorber and emitter, in physics.

Black is mysterious. Dark matter.

Black is feared.

The Black widow. The Black mamba.

Black is protection.

Your tinted windows or dark curtains.

Black promises obscurity.

Black is impenetrable.

Pitch Black.

Black is strong — no milk or cream in my coffee.

Just black.

Black Pride.

Black Power.

Black Lives Matter.

Black is resilient, even in times of difficulty.

Black humor. Black comedy.

Black is a genre. A literature. A culture.

Black is potent like Black tea.

Black is powerful.

Nothing escapes a Black Hole.

Black is magnetic.

You can’t look away from the black body.

That black booty. Damn.

Black is beautiful.

The beautiful game. The Black Stars.

Black is popular.

Black is fashionable, elegant.

A sleek town car. That sexy black dress.

Black goes with everything.

Every thing wants to be the new black.

Black is desired and admired and imitated.

You trynna sound Black? You wanna Act Black?

Black is an Achievement.

The highest honor in karate—the Black Belt.

On the ski slopes, Black bears the utmost complexity.

Black is superlative.

The darkest color.

The Supreme Being—the Black God in religion.

Black feeds the soul.

Black is healthy and rich and nutritious and wholesome—

as in wheat bread, wheat flour, brown sugar.

The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

Black is refreshing and calm and comforting, as night.

The blanket for your slumber.

Or time to reflect if you’re still awake.

Black lives and ages with grace.

Black don’t crack.

Black is permanent.

Once you go black, you don’t go back.

Black history.

Black is the end. Fade to Black.

Stay Black.

By: Nefetiti

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