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Militia Assaults Continue in North Darfur Town, Two Dead

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AFRICANGLOBE – The town of Kabkabiya in North Darfur has witnessed frequent assaults by pro-government Arab militias known as Janjaweed in the past week.

Two victims have died so far, including the victim of an assault last week in which a woman was reportedly raped and several others were severely injured after beatings.

The latest attack happened on Tuesday at 8:00pm where Arab militiamen killed and ran off with the motorbike of a student from the El-Amiriya secondary school, Mohamed Adam Ahmed, according to onlookers.

Kabkabiya residents held a funeral ceremony for the victim and strongly condemned the ongoing killing and looting by militias.

They demanded authorities to arrest those involved in the incident with the student and bring them to justice. Others urged authorities to put an end to violations and abuses by government militiamen, who “customarily fire their guns on the streets, especially after sunset”.

Last week, five citizens were assaulted by militias inside their homes in the neighborhood of El-Shaheed in Kabkabiya. According to sources, one woman was raped.

All of them suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital, according to sources from Kabkabiya.

One of the victims, Hanan Fitir, died on Tuesday, 29 January. The others, who include Awad Omar Hassan and Adam Aldow, remain at the hospital.

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