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Mohamed Mursi Fails to Secure Aid, Gets Only Advice


Mohamed Mursi
Egypt’s new Islamic president Mohamed Mursi

AFRICANGLOBE – Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi failed on his brief Wednesday visit to Berlin to persuade Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to reduce Egypt’s €240 million debt to Germany, the German Der Spiegel magazine reported on Wednesday.

On its website, the magazine stated that Mursi “is unlikely to be satisfied with the outcome of his visit to Berlin”, adding that Merkel “failed to respond” as Mursi would have liked.

Merkel refrained from any mention of forgiving Egypt’s debt, which Germany had earlier alluded to.

Merkel also did not discuss the possibility of her country’s participation in new developmental projects, Der Spiegel wrote.

All Merkel did was give advice, the magazine explained.

Mursi attempted to express confidence in Berlin since he needs investors and tourists to return to Egypt for the economy’s recovery, it said.

It is unclear though whether Mursi is able to control the ongoing violence in the country or not, the magazine stated.

According to the magazine, Mursi “outlined a future for Egypt that Germany could only applaud, heralding the dawn of a democratic country based on a separation of church and state, one that champions pluralism and religious freedom.”

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