Nigeria Make Progress Tackling Boko Haram Terrorists

Nigerian Police
Nigerian Police armored personnel carrier

Nigerian police have prevented an attack on government officials by a member of the extremist anarchist group, Boko Haram, and arrested a terror mastermind.

As ministers gathered at the ministry of Information news conference in the capital Abuja, on Monday, a Boko Haram man allegedly attempted to smuggle grenades and ammunition into the building.

According to reports, the man made it past the gate of the Radio House compound, heading towards where the ministers were meeting before he was stopped.

The conference, aired live on state television continued uninterrupted.

A statement from the federal police command said officers recovered 37 rounds of ammunition and three grenades.

One of the grenades reportedly had the acronym “CS” and the word “riot” written on its side, likely making it a tear gas canister instead of a bomb.

Police later identified the suspect as John Akapapu and said they had taken him into custody as they continued an investigation into the incident.

Before the arrest Nigerian police, the security establishment had arrested another Boko Haram suspect in the northern state of Kano.

Augustine Effiong allegedly helped carry out deadlyattacks on April 29 at a university church service.

The suspect who is also known as Abubakar Garba, said he was converted to Islam by former Boko Haram chief Mohammed Yusuf, who was killed by security forces in 2009.

“He confessed to have participated in a series of attacks, killing of policemen and military personnel in the state (Kano), including the recent attack and killings in Bayero University Kano.”

However, some human rights groups have repeatedly accused Nigerian security forces of massive rights violations while interrogating suspects.

Last month, police arrested Suleiman Mohammed, a senior commander of Boko Haram in the northern city of Kano.

Boko Haram has carried out numerous attacks across northern Nigeria, killing hundreds of people.