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Nigerian Forces In Deadly Battle With ‘Terrorists’


Nigerian Forces In Deadly Battle With 'Terrorists'
Members of the Nigerian Army fighting Boko Hram terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE – Dozens of Boko Haram terrorists were killed between Friday night and Saturday morning in Abadam town of Borno State after a fierce gun battle between troops of the Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) and the insurgents in a bid by the military to reclaim the community that fell under the control of the insurgents last week, witnesses and security sources said.

According to a top security official no less than two dozen corpses of the insurgent littered the bushes around Abadam after soldiers of the MNJTF had succeeded in rescuing Abadam town from the conquest of the Boko Haram.

Boko Haram had last week attacked Abadam, killed at least 40 persons and hoisted terrorist flags there after forcing terrified residents into border communities in Niger Republic.

Military sources say that it took a combined force of air and ground troops to send the Boko Haram fleeing, and many others to their open graves.

The sources said the air attacked succeeded in shelling most of the occupied spots of the Boko Haram which forced them to scamper into the bushes where they ran into the ambush of the ground troops, who showed no mercy with their rifles.

The military source who confirmed the “victory” to journalists on phone but opted to remain anonymous in this report said “we have triumphed against the terrorists and more progress is being made towards liberating towns and villages; I can guarantee you that Abadam is now secured”.

A resident of Abadam, Aliyu Goni, who was returning back to his town after a week of exile in Niger Republic also confirmed the incident to journalist in a phone chat.

“I saw many dead bodies as we were returning back to Abadam after the soldiers encouraged us to go back home. There were many corpses of the Boko Haram members in Arge ward where the leader of the Boko Haram that led the insurgents into Abadam was seen issuing orders”, said.

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