Omar Al-Bashir Renews Weapons Support for Joseph Kony

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AFRICANGLOBE – The Government of Sudan has renewed its military support to the Lords’ Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, the Ugandan Ministry of Defence has disclosed.

The ministry also said LRA leader Joseph Kony who has been oscillating between the dense Garamba forest in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Central Africa Republic (CAR), is hiding in Bahr el Gazel, an area within Sudanese territory.

“He is in Bahr Gazel, a Khartoum-controlled area. We captured a rebel who was wearing a new uniform and said it was supplied by Khartoum, together with ammunition,” Col. Felix Kulayigye, the defence ministry spokesperson said.

“Since he had run out of ammunition and uniforms, he had to go back to Bashir and the govenrment in Khartoum for support,” Kulayigye added.

He told local and international journalists that whenever Kony runs out of ammunition, he crosses to Sudan and returns to CAR whenever he runs dry on food.

He was speaking at the US embassy-organised media briefing at Windsor Hotel in Entebbe on Thursday.

Kulayigye, who is also the army spokesperson, emphasized that the government of Gen. Omar Bashir never closed the LRA co-ordinating office in Khartoum, even when it allowed the UPDF to pursue the rebels not beyond an agreed red line in 2002.

“We cannot pursue LRA in Bahr el Gazel. Article 51 of the UN charter (on self-defence) only allows pursuit of rebels across a common border,” he said.

Uganda ceased to share a border with Sudan when South Sudan became independent in July last year.

The protocol officer of the UN Mission in DRC, Matthew Brubacher, said: “I cannot say where Kony is but yesterday we repatriated a wife of Kony’s brother Major Olanya to Yambio. She said Kony is in South Darfur.”

He said the LRA has been decimated by killings of their fighters, defections and capture by regional armies. He said there are about 250 fighters remaining.