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PPA Set to Revive the Pan-African Revolution


Project Pan Africa
Project Pan-Africa

The Project Pan-Africa (PPA), a Pan-African Youth Organization that was established with the sole purpose to liberate the minds of the African people politically, economically, socially, culturally and psychologically to reclaim their destiny is ready to roll in the coming days.

When commissioned, the PPA is expected to provide the biggest exposure to all exceptionally but well-talented African youth, to reach out to the outside world with their innovations, inventions, talents and capabilities.

According to the Project Coordinator and the main idea behind the project, the PPA is highly concerned about the fact that, there are many exceptionally skillful, innovative, technologically outstanding and well-talented youth out there across Africa, who only need a platform that will provide them with the needed exposure to reach out to the outside world with their capabilities and innovations. It is against this background that the PPA was established. Meanwhile the PPA is highly concerned about the lack of confidence for African technology, African products, African innovations and the continues neglect of African expertise by their governments.

It is expected that the PPA will actively engage with African governments, political leaders, business executives and many philanthropists across the continent to help empower the African youth to contribute their full potential to the development of Africa. Promoting of African values, African products, African innovations, goods and services to the international community will be major areas of focus. The majority of African experts currently “stranded” in the diaspora, will also be encouraged to return home and contribute to the development of Africa.

According to the current statistics, there are many Africans with wonderful degrees and qualifications across Europe and America who yearn for the opportunity to return home and help solve the many challenges of the African people. However, the major challenge has been the lack of motivation for these sons and daughters of Africa to return home.

It is expected that, the PPA will provide a platform for many of such individuals to express their concerns and also to share their experiences with the African people especially the young ones who currently yearn for “opportunity” to travel abroad in search of so-called greener pastures.

The major idea behind this project is about unlocking African minds for the freedom of mother Africa.

This revolution has just began. As an African who has the welfare of the African people at heart, we encourage you to contact us and get involved.

Email the project coordinator: info@projectpanafrica.org for details on how to get involved.

Honourable Saka

The writer is a Pan-African analyst and the founder of the Project Pan-Africa (PPA), an organization that was established to unlock the minds of the African youth to take Africa’s destiny into their hands. The PPA seeks to provide the biggest platform that will give international exposure to all hidden but exceptional talents in Africa. Please visit us at:www.projectpanafrica.org and support the project. PPA is grateful to ITech Plus and all media partners that support our vision for Africa. Email me at: honourablesaka@yahoo.co.uk

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