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Mr. President Where Is Our Girls?

Boko Haram Release Video Of Kidnapped School Girls
Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram Muslims

AFRICANGLOBE – President Goodluck Jonathan and anybody in charge of securing the release of the Chibok girls, this is to notify you that we are tired of counting. I may have endured counting ASUU and ASUP strike for over 200 days; I cannot withstand counting same number of days for the abducted girls. Each time I make a count on the number of days these girls have been in captivity, my heart bleeds. I ask myself what if my mother, sister, girl friend or wife, is among these people, will I be content with just counting?

Sir, if only you had acted swiftly when these girls were initially abducted, maybe, just maybe, they would have been rescued by now. For over 76 days there has been continued protest for our girls to be brought back. When this movement started, typical of your nature, you tagged it an arm of the opposition, and did nothing to bring back our girls.

Despite continued protest by the movement, you remained adamant and your retinue of sycophants kept attacking the personality of those involved in the struggle. It is unfortunate that you could not see beyond politics and thus refused to take proactive steps required of a true leader to rescue these girls.

Even when former president Olusegun Obasanjo made attempts to serve as a mediator, your foot soldiers ‘doubted’ his sincerity. Now, sir, if your daughter, sister or wife is among these abducted people, would they still be with their captors? Interestingly your uncle was abducted several weeks after the kidnapped girls, my question to you, sir, is: is he still with his abductors? If not, then, what of our kidnapped sisters?

You received Malala Yousafzai and made some promises, I hope you keep them. But wait a minute, were your expecting a person from the international community to visit before you accept girls were actually abducted, before you agree to meet with their emotionally distraught families? And what kind of scholarship are you offering to kidnapped girls when they have not been rescued? Considering the idea propagated (anti-western education) by their abductors, don’t you think that may even jeopardize their safety? Guess you didn’t think this through; you were just in a rush to score a cheap political point and enhance your diminishing status in the international community.

Suffice it to say that what these girls need now is to be free and not scholarship ‘upon their rescue’. What if they are never rescued? Will they ever be rescued? Considering the low morale of the Nigerian Army, will our sisters ever breathe the air of freedom? When will this insurgency come to an end?

Mr. President when will you bring back our girls?


By: Frank Ijege

Boko Haram Savages Are Leading A Jihad Of Rape And Destruction Against Africans

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