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President Jonathan to Review Nigeria’s Economic Policies



President Goodluck Jonathan has pledged to review some of the nation’s economic policies in order to facilitate direct foreign investment to attract investors to commence production in the Nigeria.

He told some of the visiting Heads of State in Abuja that he was ready to go into bilateral relations that would mutually benefit the country and jump start production in all sectors which will aid his policy to create jobs for his people.

Jonathan said he ensured that there was credible election because he had promised the people a clean break with the past for development.

He met with Liberian President, Mrs. Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf, Trinidad and Tobago President, George Maxwell, Vice-President of Burundi Gervais Rufyikiri Gervai and George Kunda of Zambia. He also met with Special envoys from; North Korea, Morocco, Kuwait and China who he held talks on economic development with.

He particularly pledged more cooperation with China on rail development in the country which he said would ease the present pressure roads are facing in moving goods across the country.

To Kuwait, he said he looked forward to cooperation in the energy sector as both countries have common interest in oil and gas resources.

He stressed the need for leader to ascend to power on the clear will and mandate of the people, according to Jonathan, “No matter how good a leader is, he must pass through a clean and clear democratic process”.

The leaders took turns to pour encomiums on him for the credible and transparent election which has pointed the way for other countries in the continent and urged him not to relent in his drive to transform Nigeria.

They also expressed support for Nigeria’s bid for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council given the role it has been playing in the international arena.

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