President Robert Mugabe Blasts Mandela for Being Soft On Whites

President Robert Mugabe Blasts Mandela for Being Soft On Whites
Most Africans would agree with president Robert Mugabe’s statement

AFRICANGLOBE – President Robert Mugabe criticised former South African president Nelson Mandela for taking a soft stance on the White people through his reconciliatory policies in a a-yet-to-be-aired documentary produced by Dali Tambo, the son of South African anti-apartheid hero Oliver Tambo.

AFP reports that President Robert Mugabe described Nelson Mandela as “too much of a saint” in the television interview, in a seeming reference to Nelson Mandela’s reconciliatory and rainbow nation approach towards White South Africans after the fall of the White apartheid government.

President Mugabe said that Britain – with whom he has had a fraught relationship over the land redistribution – “will praise you only if you are doing things that please them”.

“Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the non-Black communities, really in some cases at the expense of [Blacks]…,” he is quoted as saying.

In the same documentary, the 89-year-old leader went on to reveal that he will not step out of power as long as the people of Zimbabwe still need him despite his advanced age.

“And when people still need you to lead them, it’s not time, sir, it doesn’t matter how old you are, to say goodbye,” Mugabe reportedly told Tambo.

“There is a fight to fight. My people still need me,” said President Mugabe who has ruled the Southern African country for the past three decades and is set to be re-elected in polls expected this year.


By: Victor Chipato