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Remain Vigilant Against Western Bullies: President Mugabe


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President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE – The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has urged youths to remain vigilant in the face of bullying tactics of the British and its western allies.

Speaking to youths drawn from the country’s 10 provinces on the eve of the 33rd Independence celebrations, President Mugabe said his generation has done its best in liberating the country and then empowering Zimbabweans.

“Even a bully has his day just as a bad dog as its day, so we managed to recover our country and tell the British ‘enough is enough, the time has come to get out of our country.’ Now we are giving ourselves power and it is that power we must use as the means to develop our country,” said President Mugabe.

He said his generation is about to pass the button to the young generation who must follow the footsteps of those who gave all for the liberation of the country.

“We are now old and we will soon sleep forever, so you who remain behind must follow our footsteps as your fathers and liberators,” he said.

President Mugabe said if one accepts being used by foreigners, he or she will be ceding part of that sovereignty to foreigners, adding that Zimbabwe must remain free forever and will not take instructions from any quarter nomatter how powerful those nations are.

The President, who was accompanied by his daughter, Bona, said teachers play key roles in imparting knowledge to the young and parenting them, and that relationship is vital for the upbringing of the children.

He thanked teachers for doing a good job despite the challenging conditions of service.

On the other hand, President Mugabe said relationships forged by students among themselves are long lasting and even bullying tendencies by others remain in the memory of others forever.

He said, a similar situation is among states, who after being colonised by others, are now saying ‘enough is enough.’


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