Revolution May Happen in Sudan At Any Time Says Turabi

Hassan Al-turabi
Turabi is know for inviting Bin laden to Sudan

A revolution to oust the regime of war criminal Omer Al-Bashir could occur at any moment, said the Islamist opposition leader Hassan Al-Turabi on Sunday, after accusing the regime of ruining Sudan.

In a Eid Al-fitr sermon in his home village, Wad Al-Turabi, located South of the capital Khartoum, the opposition leader said the stature of Sudanese government is weak. He added it hast lost its impact and leverage on the regional and international arenas.

“The voice of Sudan is low after it was high,” he said.

Turabi has confessed a different times his role bloodless coup d’état which brought General Omer Al-Bashir to power in June 1989.

However, in 1999 Bashir ousted him from his position as speaker of the parliament and placed him under house arrest for four years. But even after 2003 he was detained several times as he was accused of having a role in the creation of one of Darfur rebel groups.

In his religious discourse, Turabi accused the government of reneging on many positions dealing with the decisions of the international community or related the negotiations over outstanding issues with the South Sudan “because of its inability to confront”.

“Even minor countries in the region can put pressure on Sudan and pass their agenda,” he added.

He said the continuation of current policies of the government will lead to more divisions of the country after the secession of the South Sudan, stressing that there are further international plans to dismember the country while the government lacks the needed political will to meet these schemes.

The Islamist leader also said the government leaders kidnapped the “civilisational project of the Islamists and they even became wwithout principles and without values.”

The Popular Congress Party (PCP) of Hassan Al-Turabi plays an important role in the opposition to the Sudanese regime.

Many opposition forces speak about secular or citizenship state referring to the separation between the state and religion. However the PCP still remains committed to his programme aiming to establish an Islamic state in Sudan.