Rwanda and Israel to Forge Closer Ties

Rwanda and Israel to Forge Closer Ties
Paul Kagame

AFRICANGLOBE – Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame arrived in Jerusalem, Israel, on Monday to strengthen ties between the Middle East nation and his country at the fifth Israel Presidential Conference.

Kagame hopes to posit Rwanda’s economic security in line with that of Israel’s at the 2013 Israeli Presidential Conference.

Bilateral meetings between Kagame, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been scheduled as part of the three day visit.

The Israeli leader had expressed admiration for Rwanda’s leadership in rebuilding a shattered country and “overcoming the agonies of lost lives”.

Kagame along with other attending diplomats and leaders are expected to discuss the future of the world in relation to key issues, including geopolitics, economics, society, environment, culture, identity, education and new media.

Peres assured Kagame that there were lessons to be learned from Israel and based on the friendship established between the two countries, Rwanda can look to Israel and explore domains where Israel has strengths.

Kagame, who according to the World Bank has orchestrated an economic marvel in a post-genocide Rwanda, will be engaged in “The Human Factor in Shaping Tomorrow” dialogue at the presidential conference.

While in Israel, Kagame is expected to visit the Kibbutz Shfayim where he will meet 30 Rwandan students currently on an agriculture training programme that is part of a partnership between the Rwandan and Israeli agriculture ministries.

Last time in Israel, Kagame in 2008 called for a more level playing field in order to correct the imbalance between rich and poor countries noting that “the world has the human and material means to achieve these national, regional and global goals – what is needed is fairness and political will to realise this vision”.


By: Konye Obaji Ori