‘Sellout’ Tsvangirai Booed by Mourners

Zimbabwe;s Prime Minister and opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, was booed and scoffed at when he attended the funeral of the late General Mujuru at Heroes Acre in Harare.

Mourners referred to Mr Tsvangirai as a sellout and someone who was not fit to attend the burial of such a lofty liberation hero.

Tsvangirai has, in the past, boycotted the burial of national heroes.

President Mugabe had to appeal to the mourners to stop Prime Minister Tsvangirai from embarrassment when he asked them to stop jeering his “partner” in the inclusive Government.

A report by a local newspaper said Mr Tsvangirai endured a torrid time as mourners booed and scoffed at him when the master of ceremony, co-Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi, mentioned his name in salutation.

“But President Mugabe intervened when he stood up to deliver his speech, imploring the thousands of mourners not to ‘embarrass others’, reports the weekly paper.

In his customary salutation, President Mugabe first acknowledged the presence of General Mujuru’s widow, Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

He then saluted Vice-President John Nkomo and, as he was just about to acknowledge the presence of the Prime Minister, he paused to ask the mourners not to jeer at fellow mourners.

“We are here to bury a national hero.

“We have come from various parties and we are represented here so we do not want any noise or booing.

“We are united in mourning so we do not want to embarrass each other. We are here to honour our hero,” said the president in local Shona language.

After his appeal, President Mugabe restarted the salutations and this time, there were no more jeers for PM Tsvangirai.

Mourners first jeered at PM Tsvangirai as soon as he arrived at the national shrine.

Soon after Mr Tsvangirai disembarked from his official Mercedes-Benz, some people broke into song, denouncing him as a “sell-out”.

Mr Tsvangirai attended the burial of Gen Mujuru together with senior members of his MDC-T party, who included his deputy Ms Thokozani Khupe and chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo, who is also the Speaker of Zimbabwe’s House of Assembly.