Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexuality Stance


Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexual Stance
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

AFRICANGLOBE – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was reportedly denied reservations at two hotels in the United States over his government’s stance on homosexuality.

According to Dallas Voices, a site that serves as the mouthpiece of the gay community in Dallas, Texas, gay activists in the area forced two hotels to cancel Yoweri Museveni’s bookings.

Museveni, who made an official visit to Dallas, was denied accommodation at the Four Seasons Hotel, which was the first hotel he had booked into into.

Dallas Voices reports that his entourage then unsuccessfully tried to get another reservation at Gaylord Hotel.

Museveni confirmed the incident through a statement released by Sarah Kagingo, Special Presidential Assistant for Communications.

“My people made hotel bookings for me, but homosexuals blocked it,” the statement read.

Museveni stayed at the Howdy Lone Star ranch in Texas.

In February, Museveni had irked Western countries and homosexual activists when he signed a law aimed at protecting Ugandan children from sexual predators, many of whom travel to East Africa from Western countries to abuse children.

The law, which was struck down by Uganda’s constitutional court in August on a technicality, imposed harsh penalties for having sex with children while HIV positive, including long prison sentences.


By: Lydia Matata


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