Soldiers Discover Mass Grave In Nigeria After Seizing Town From Boko Haram

Boko Haram Attack Kills Hundreds Of Nigerians
Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is murdering Africans in the name of Islam

AFRICANGLOBE – More than 70 bodies have been found in the Nigerian town of Damasak, indicating a mass execution by the Muslim terrorist of Boko Haram. Chadian and Nigerian soldiers had earlier wrested the town out of the Islamists’ control.

Troops from Chad and Nigeria discovered around 100 bodies scattered under a bridge in Nigeria’s northeastern city Damasak, a Chadian army spokesman told news agencies on Friday.

“There are about 100 bodies spread around the bridge just outside the town,” Colonel Azem Bermandoa Agouna said, adding that he had visited the area himself. He said that several bodies had been decapitated.

Soldiers had recaptured the city from Islamist Boko Haram fighters earlier in March. Most of the town’s residents had fled by the time the army could recapture Damasak, which lies close to Nigeria’s border with Niger.

Soldiers Discover Mass Grave In Nigeria After Seizing Town From Boko Haram
Boko Haram has murdered hundreds of Nigerian in the name of Islam

Nigeria has launched a regional offensive together with Chad, Cameroon and Niger aimed at wiping out Boko Haram savages. Nigeria’s army said on Tuesday that it had pushed back most of the terrorists from the 20 districts that Boko Haram had under its control. Only three districts remained to be tackled, the army said.

The terrorists, however, struck again on Thursday, killing 10 people in Gamboru, close to Nigeria’s border with Cameroon.

The terror outfit’s increasing number of attacks have rocked Nigeria, which is to hold parliamentary and presidential elections on March 28. President Goodluck Jonathan has come under heavy criticism for failing to do enough to effectively tackle the Muslim terrorists.

Boko Haram’s stated aim is to establish a caliphate based on an extreme interpretation of the Sharia law.


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