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Somali Boys Beheaded By Al-Shabaab Terrorist


AFRICANGLOBE – This comes as the Kenya security agencies arrested four more suspected members of the Islamist militia group in Lamu.

The heads of the two young men, who were seized by the militants a few days ago, were displayed in the town streets, according to area residents.

“The incident has caused fear in the general public,” a resident who did not want to be named (for security reasons) told a Mogadishu-based radio station.

The youth were reportedly accused of having links with the Government of Kenya and the TFG. They were also accused of directing Kenyan planes that carried out air raids in Jubaland.

Recently, Al-Shabaab militants promised to punish anybody found working with the TFG and the Kenyan troops that crossed into Somalia in mid-October in hot pursuit of the militia.

Meanwhile, four suspected members of Al-Shabaab were arrested by Kenya Navy in Lamu at the weekend.

Lamu West deputy police boss Joseph Sigei said the four were arrested on Saturday in the high seas as they advanced deeper into Kenya territorial waters.

“They are being interrogated in the sea but no arms were recovered during the arrest,” Mr Sigei said on Sunday.

He said the four Somali men were arrested aboard a speed boat containing several jerrycans of petrol and police suspected that they were fleeing the ongoing joint military operation in Somalia.

The arrest brings to nine, the number suspected members of Al-Shabaab arrested in Lamu since last week.

Five other suspects were arrested on Friday aboard a speed boat from Somalia while heading towards the Lamu Archipelago.

The fiver were seized by marine police on patrol at midday on Manda Island near an exclusive tourist resort.

The suspect were identified as Mr Ali Mohammed, Mr Ahmed Omar, Mr Abdullah Mohammed, Mr Mohammed Abdi Mohammed and Mr Jarma Mohammed Adan.

Mr Sigei said the suspects docked their boat near Takwa Ruins and walked on foot towards Manda Beach Hotel before they were cornered by armed police officers deployed in the area.

Could Not Communicate

Mr Sigei said although no arms were found with the Somali youths, they could not communicate either in Kiswahili or English.

Elsewhere, Ethiopia troops who joined the operation against Al-Shabaab that is being spearheaded by TFG and Kenyan forces have advanced to a town more than 300 kilometres from Mogadishu.

Residents said they had spotted the troops advancing towards Beletweyne, the Capital of Hiran region in Central Somalia, 335 kilometres North of Mogadishu.

The force had moved from its previous position at Kalabayr, a strategic road junction, 25 kilometres away from the town and about 17 kilometres from Fer-Fer, a town at the Ethiopia-Somalia border.

The move is said to have created tension among a group of militants loyal to Al-Shabaab who control most of Hiran region and large swathes of Central Somalia.

Residents in the affected areas expressed fear that fierce confrontation may take place between the Ethiopian troops and the militants who have resorted to manoeuvres to strengthen their defence.

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