South Africa Racial Segregation Video: School Accused Of Separating Students By Race

South Africa Racial Segregation Video: School Accused Of Separating Students By Race
White settlers were never punished for the crimes they committed under apartheid so why should they stop their hateful practice

AFRICANGLOBE – A video showing school children from a South African school being separated according to color of their skin while on a field trip has gone viral.

The video shows students from Curro Roodeplaat School in Tshwane being led off buses by race while on a safari outing on June 3. Then school teachers are seen taking the white and Black kids to different buses.

“Initially, we just wanted to document our little girl’s trip and were shocked at what we saw,” Dr. Christopher Madumi Ramalingela, a parent who filmed the video, told eNCA. “My wife was very disturbed by what she saw on the field trip. She had no idea the children were loaded onto the buses in that fashion.”

This is the second time the school has been under scrutiny for alleged racial segregation.

“I must emphasise I’m disgusted at the justification that I’m receiving. It has indeed affected my emotions,” school education official Panyaza Lesufi said after watching the video, according to Eyewitness News.

“The day we allow Tswanas to only play with Tswanas and Xhosas only play with Xhosas, that will be a sad day for this country. The day we tolerate that we should we separate learners on the basis of their own language. These are six year olds. They can play together,” he said.

The Curro Roodeplaat School has denied the allegations.

“A video taken of this outing showed the various groups of learners. And with no explanation assumed that the groupings were organised according to race,” the school said in a statement on Thursday. “Why did they arrive at this false conclusion? The reason is because Curro schools offer all their learners the choice of being taught in English or Afrikaans.”

South Africans have taken to social media to voice their concern over racial segregation of the school children and the hashtag #Curro is taking twitter by storm.




By: Som Patidar


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