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South Africa Rocked By Anti-African Violence

South Africa Rocked By Anti-African Violence
Four persons were murdered in anti-African riots that were fuelled by comments made by Jacob Zuma and Zulu king Goodwil Zwelithini

AFRICANGLOBE – Four people were killed and shops owned by immigrants (other Africans) in South African townships in the coastal city of Durban looted and burnt, police said on Monday, as violence against Africans by ignorant South Africans escalated.

Those killed include an Ethiopian, whose shop was petrol bombed last week, an African immigrant whose nationality was not immediately known and two South Africans, police spokesman Thulani Zwane said.

Hundreds of people fled their homes after the violence broke out two weeks ago, while police said 28 people have been arrested for looting and torching immigrants’ shops.

“We received reports that some of the shops belonging to foreign nationals were looted and some of them were burnt down overnight,” Zwane said.

South Africa, with a population of about 50 million, is home to an estimated 5 million immigrants.

African-owned businesses looted in South Africa

President Jacob Zuma after fueling anti-African sentiments with inflammatory rhetoric on Sunday called for an end to the violence and directed the police and the home affairs ministers to work with local officials to stop the violence and enforce laws to curb the growth of illegal trading and unlicensed shops.

“We reiterate that there can be no justification for attacking foreign nationals,” Zuma said in a statement.

“Those who are in the country illegally should be reported to the police and they will be returned to their countries of origin in a lawful manner.”

In 2008, more than 60 foreigners were killed in violence that analysts believe had its roots in tensions over a lack of jobs. South African unemployment is around 25 percent and youth joblessness is nearer to 40 percent, thanks to ANC corruption and ineptness.


Anti-African Violence In South Africa: Africans Murdered And Their Businesses Looted And Burned

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