South Africa: White Teachers Suspended For Abusing African Children


South Africa; White Teachers Suspended For Abusing African Children
Nothing has changed in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE – Two White principals and a teacher in South Africa have been suspended after investigators found they routinely abused African children, an online report has said.

South African education authorities said they suspended the teacher and principals amidst claims they subjected African pupils to racist and inhumane treatment, calling them derogatory terms such as monkeys and baboons.

They also allegedly called the children ‘little b*tches and ‘k*ffir, a racial slur demeaning to Africans. The term is banned by law in South Africa.

The suspension follows investigations by South Africa’s Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

Investigators from Department of Education in the Free State province are currently investigating allegations made against the three suspended educators.

They allegedly abused the children while working at three different public schools that used to be reserved for White children during apartheid.

The Department of Education is expected to make a final decision on the fates of the teachers and principal once it concludes its investigations on August 30.



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