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South Africa: White Terrorist Who Planned To Kill Black People Seeking Bail


South Africa: White Terrorist Who Planned To Kill Black People Seeking Bail
Terrorist settler Leon du Plessis.

AFRICANGLOBE – South Africa has opposed bail in the case against Leon du Plessis, the white settler who threatened to kill Black people, including the country’s President Jacob Zuma.

After some eight seatings, the state chose not to grant bail to the former military man.

Du Plessis, who shared these threats via Facebook posts, claimed he was only conveying God’s message to his followers.

Magistrate David Shikwambana dismissed this.

The 53-year-old faces charges including inciting violence, as well as the possession of illegal firearms.

Du Plessis’ social media posts got him arrested after they were found to be full of hate speech and racist threats of violence.

Before being nabbed, du Plessis said he planned to go to the townships and kill Black people.

Slip of the tongue?

His defense lawyers on Thursday asked the court to regard du Plessis Facebook threats as a slip of the tongue.

They claim he wrote such sentiments because he was so besides himself over Black people, that he lost his temper.

Du Plessis, it is said, was merely incensed by statements made by Black politicians and generally fed up with protests.

The defense also claims that du Plessis has been a victim of a farm attack and as such, he is ‘prone to overreacting’.

As for his threats against Zuma, his defense says it’s very unlikely the president could be harmed as he is a ‘highly safeguarded figure’.

The Weapons To Do It

Police arrested du Plessis after a tip-off from a member of the public about his violent threats.

When they descended on his Pretoria farm, they found him in possession of several unregistered weapons.

These included guns, ammunition and explosive devices.

Despite this, however, du Plessis claims he would never attack innocent people.

In opposing bail, the State warned du Plessis was a threat to members of the public and potential witnesses.

A Former Apartheid Soldier

According to the magistrate, the State had learned that du Plessis was a former apartheid military man.

A bunker was found at du Plessis’ home. While he previously told the court that it had been built for veld fires, he later testified that it was actually a refuge against potential attacks.

Du Plessis’ ex-wife previously obtained a restraining order against him but it was later withdrawn.

In denying him bail, Shikwambana said Du Plessis was a fundamentalist and a danger to society.

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