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Meanwhile, In This South African School


Meanwhile In This South African School
Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke.

AFRICANGLOBE – Irate parents at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke in the North West believe their children are not safe at the school.

“Our children are not safe, I was shocked to see young children in that position,” said one parent on Thursday morning.

This followed the release of a photograph which showed a small group of black children seated apart from their white counterparts in a Grade R class at the school.

On Thursday, protesters, many donning political party T-shirts, had gathered outside the school gates to protests against what they termed was racial segregation at the school.

“The incident happened at a class next to my child’s class. She was not affected but this segregation cannot continue. Our children cannot experience what our parents went through during apartheid,” said the mother.

She was at the school to collect her child following the tense situation at the school. While protesters sang and danced outside the school, some parents of white children broke a part of the fence on the other side of the school to gain and take their children away.

A teacher reportedly sent the controversial picture to parents via Whatsapp intending to show parents how children were settling in on their first day at school on Wednesday.

North West Education MEC Sello Lehari is holding a closed meeting with the school and various stakeholders.

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