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Does South Africa’s Black-Phobic Blacks Suffer Inferiority Complex?

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AFRICANGLOBE – South African Blacks are notorious for their xenophobia which only seem reserved for Black immigrants from the continent as soon as they arrive. It’s just more than xenophobia because, in retrospect, they only targeted and killed Black foreigners in South Africa. So far so good: 300,000 Chinese immigrants in SA remain intact let alone whites the former masters of the Blacks, until Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu were created to be their living legends to continue white rule through them.

Why South African Blacks unleash their indignation against another fellow Black rather than share their wrath against all? This the question being asked by the continent as to how the red or white are spared but targeted the vulnerable Blacks of the same flesh and blood.

In 2008, before the “tragic joke” wasn’t spread out to other African ethnicities but confined to Somalis, who were regularly killed like rats and flies, I met a white lady and asked where she was from “I am from South Africa” she answered. I told her that South Africa is a great country but with a high crime rate “who told you? Rhetorically, She sounded like I offended her, then I continued my unsupported single story about South Africa since there was not much media coverage about Somali murder rates in the hundreds a year or more for they are equally killed in their “own” country.

To win the debate, “my people became witchhunt like albinos get killed on daily basis” her answer was unequivocal “your people pretend to be businesspeople but they’re criminals.” “If South Africa is as you claim where crime is high why thousands of European or American tourists go every year?” “I used to be a police officer back in South Africa; I could drive my car 3000 KMs without anything happen to me period.” my argument seemed utterly defeated ever since I stopped talking ill about South Africa. However, Somali-phobic Black South Africans spread out their map of hatred to include other Blacks from Zimbabweans and Mozambique. I returned.

Somalis my people are the last “Irish of Africa” as a great writer called, and there is some truth to that at the least before my people proselytized by the swaying Arab trained terrorists. While Somalia except Somaliland swims in an ocean of chaos, some Black foreigners like Kenyan teachers or doctors still live safely and work there. Forget about the general war and the crossfire, no specific hell reserved for them as I far as I know.

I am in no way hinting or saying otherwise to encourage South African Blacks to kill whites or Asians, that’s horrific but please don’t twist my words. Nevertheless, I wonder why Black South Africans rewarded those participated in their emancipation and the freedom to drink after so many years of “no Blacks served” signs hanging in the bars, with burning them alive or stoning to death. Where’s the moral of conscience of the Blacks in all this! Are we Blacks less human than the rest of the humanity or are Blacks in SA pagans as much of the Somalis of today who bite the hand that fed them? What went wrong with the Blacks? This doesn’t need a white expert to elaborate, we’ve got to tackle this issue our own selves, and rectify it.

Black-on-Black murder in Chicago alone is estimated to go beyond Mogadishu’s terror deaths, close to a thousand or more, South Africa, a country very much developed, an economic powerhouse of the continent, yet the Black majority behaves brutally. Desmond Tutu a great world leader I admire condemned the Gaza war, he’ s right but he fell short of his obligation to curse the Black murderers in his own “ altar” who picked up the weaker section of South African society, his fellow African brethren. Addiction to murder is in the pipeline like Chicago. Blacks of SA sand the US who are supposedly looked up to by the rest of Black society globally, as “role models” are not just a disgrace but one very disappointing. Shall we prevent this cancer from from spreading to other races? This trend is an ill omen.

Despite the distance, Blacks in the States and South Africa are very much in common, both co-faith with the majority and born and live in developed countries, yet always complain about what they lack. “Civil Rights Obama-like” activists blame white supremacists for the troubles of the Blacks though only few cases—the murder of nine senior American citizens in the House of God and failing to call what’s the crime truly is, a terror as ugly as it could be — or the white majority of being often accused of indifference and directed marginalization of the Blacks, while South African Blacks blame the few strangers in South Africa for taking jobs away! But which view is right and solvable?

How simplistic explanations are! Scapegoating is always easiest loophole to let one escape. However, scientific examination on Black addiction to crime has to be carried out rather than deflecting weaknesses and running away responsibilities to play the blameless victim. We Somalis and Arabs play the same game and didn’t work out nor solved social ills. Arabs whenever they fail they scapegoat Jews; Somalis blame Ethiopians for their leadership failure.

This insanity may not cease in the near future. Until we stop pretending to solve Middle East on-and-off clashes while we failed to put our house in order. The purely “uniquely African criminalities” both in SA and the US will continue unabated threatening the fabric of the societies. In return, we will incur the wrath of other races. Desmond Tutu with his charisma should undo the damage done to South Africa’s reputation.

If Somalis, uneducated with little English victimized by 20 years of hellish conditions, are that talented to take jobs away from South Africa’s highly learned Blacks in “one country in one continent”. South African Blacks have to be ashamed of claiming of living in a great country like resourceful South Africa.


By: Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

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