South Sudan Confronting Al Bashir’s War Threats

Accused war criminal Al-Bashir

Now President Beshir of Allah Sudan is back with a war tune and this time he is demanding oil money as a compensation for “allowing” the independence of South Sudan.

In his remark, he said war is now possible. This statement in my view is provocative and South Sudan also must prepare for war instead of wasting time thinking that peace will come from Khartoum. How can you make peace with criminals and thieves? The best decision for the government in the South is to end dialogue with Khartoum and declare Bashir a war criminal although the world knows that he is a wanted criminal whose days are numbered it is just a matter of time when he will be dragged to The Hague by the ICC.

I am cautioning fellow African citizens to prepare themselves for war with Khartoum. There will be no peace with Khartoum as long as the warmongers are the leaders in the Republican Palace and we should not make any mistake to wait for Al Bashir’s fire to fall on us. We must not waste any time on dialogue, negotiations or peaceful talks with drunkards of war. Since Bashir is the one telling the world that “the climate now is closer to a climate of war than one for peace” all South Sudanese must get prepared to remove him from power. We need to be more serious this time in confronting Bashir and his regime. What is new, war, we have been at war with the intolerant leaders of the Sudan and our people have managed to liberate themselves. Can a war raging in the bordering areas depopulate the South?

The leadership in the South Sudan should not take Beshir lightly, he is preparing for war in order to annex South to Sudan by force and then declare us again as people of Southern Sudan regions. The current President of Yemen Abdalla Saleh declared war on the Republic of Yemen and annexed it to Southern Yemen. Can we not expect Beshir to surprise us by taking the South Sudan back?

I am of the opinion that South Sudan should resort to the choice of war as long as Beshir is power hunger and wants Sudan to annex the South. But he should know that the North will suffer more than the South if we all go to war. Going to war will be an attractive option to majority of our fellow citizens who lost their dear ones in the hands of Beshir. What our leaders don’t understand is that Bashir is a thug and he should be dealt with in the normal way that criminals are dealt with.

We should not initiate war but we should be prepared for all options including toppling his genocidal regime if Bashir initiates war over South Sudan’s oil shut down. Why do we want to compensate the North when they are the ones to compensate us for all that they have done to us throughout history? We were enslaved by the Arab minority that now controls the government of Sudan and we should be compensated for being sold as slaves and for being enslaved.

In short, our fellow citizens should not waste time on arguments whether we go to war or not. Going to war with Al Bashir is legitimate and we should go for it.


By: Nhial Bol