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Steer Clear Of Gay Agenda During Visit, Kenyan Leaders Warn Obama


Steer Clear Of Gay Agenda During Visit, Kenyan Leaders Warn Obama
Obama has a tendency to lecture African leaders

AFRICANGLOBE – Kenya’s National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and four lawmakers have cautioned US President Barack Obama against asking Kenya to embrace same-sex marriages.

Mr. Muturi, Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti, Embu Woman Representative Rose Mitaru, MPs Charles Njagagua (Mbeere North), Cecily Mbarire (Runyenjes) and Embu County Assembly Speaker Kariuki Mate on Monday said gay unions were against the African culture and would not be entertained in Kenya.

According to the Penal Code, Mr. Muturi said, sodomy is a criminal offence, and urged the Church to decampaign same-sex marriages.

“Liberal thoughts are being entertained in some countries under the guise of human rights. We must be vigilant and guard against it (gay marriages). We must lead an upright society and not allow obnoxious behaviour as we have a responsibility to protect our children,” he told the faithful at St Peter’s ACK Church during a fundraiser for the construction of Mbeere Diocese cathedral.

Obama Warned

He said he had at one time told off a group of British MPs who wanted to discuss the issue.

Mr. Muturi, however, said he was not speaking on behalf of the National Assembly but expressing his personal views on the topic after US legalised same sex marriages.

The Speaker said he would admit any Motion in the National Assembly, seeking legalisation of gay unions.

But Mr. Njagagua warned that President Obama would be ejected from the House if he lectured MPs on the topic.

Ms. Mitaru, who is an ordained Cannon of the ACK Church, said allowing gay marriages would open a “floodgates of evil synonymous with the biblical Sodom and Gomorra”.

Reject Foreign Aid

She urged Mr. Obama to exercise restraint and only address issues of benefit to the country such as the state of the economy and terrorism.

Ms. Mbarire urged the government to reject any aid if it was tied to legalising same-sex marriages.

“The Constitution is against same-sex marriage and nothing should change (when Obama comes). We are ready to decline any foreign aid if it is tied to gay marriages,” she said.

Mr. Kivuti said he would boycott welcoming Mr. Obama if he chooses to include gay marriages in his topics for discussion.


By: Charles Wanyoro


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