Sudan: Additional Mass Graves Discovered in South Kordofan

A US satellite project said on Wednesday that it had found evidence of additional mass graves in South Kordofan. Sudanese and ICC indighted war criminal President Omar Al-Bashir had announced a unilateral ceasefire in South Kordofan on Tuesday, earlier this week.

The Sentinel satellite project revealed that it held evidence of the existence of eight (8) mass graves in the region, including two that had been recently discovered in Kadugli, the state capital.

President Al-Bashir however denied these reports as propaganda fueled by the West. A statement by the Sentinel satellite said, “This report presents more visual evidence and new information by eyewitnesses … of the collection and burial of human remains wrapped in tarps and/or body bags by the Sudanese Red Crescent Society.”

In July, the US group had confirmed the existence of three (3) mass graves containing over two hundred bodies.

The fighting in border state of South Kordofan has intensified after South Sudan seceded from the North in July, earlier this year.