Sudan Air Force Bombs Civilian Market

Sudan civilian bombings
Sudan routinely bombs civilian targets

Sudanese Air Forces (SAF), reportedly bombed Heiban’s market in South Kordofan with Antonov planes, on Thursday morning September 27.

The bombing resulted in the killing of one woman and injuring six others (mostly women), along with the destruction of citizen’s properties.

Arno Ngutolo Lodi, official spokesperson of SPLM-N said that the Antonov attack led to the death of a woman named Asia. The fatal victim’s four months old baby was rescued. He added that several children were injured during the bombings.

Lodi confirmed that the air strike on Heiban’s market followed a series of consecutive bombardments in South Kordofan and Nuba mountains. He added that the bombings come at a time when the government of Sudan (GoS) refuses to permit humanitarian aid to be delivered to affected citizens in Blue Nile and South Kordofan states.

“GoS publicly announced their rejection of any food dropping operations by the World Food Programme (WFP), instead, they prefer to drop bombs by helicopters and Antonov planes on innocent people, while the international community watches and remains silent on the crimes committed by the regime against the people of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur”, Ngutolo added.

Bashir fails to recognize Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis

According to Yaser Arman, secretary general of SPLM-N, GoS resumed their offensive in Blue Nile at the eve of the Addis Ababa summit and peace-talks, targeting displaced civilians.

Arman said in a press statement that president Bashir left the summit without recognizing the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa today, which is proof of his war policy and strategy against the population of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile state.

“On the same day documents were signed between the two Sudans; SAF attacked Heiban, a rural town in the Nuba Mountains, on a market day when approximately 2,000 people gather from rural areas, which resulted in wounding 6 and killing a woman”, Arman added.

He emphasized that SPLM-N welcomes the Addis Ababa agreements between the two Sudans and any subsequent agreement that will lead to normalized relations between the two countries.