Sudan On High Alert Over Possible Israeli Attack


Sudan On High Alert Over Possible Israeli Attack
Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti

AFRICANGLOBE – Sudan has put its military and security organs on high alert, saying it expects an Israeli attack on its territory, a senior official said on Sunday.

The foreign affairs minister Ali Karti told the Sudanese daily Next day that the Sudanese government has taken seriously the Israeli allegations of Sudan’s support to the Islamic movement, Hamas.

“The spies and the military and all other concerned bodies have been put on high alert to deal with any Israeli aggression on our territory,” Mr Karti said.

“We will do whatever we can to defend ourselves and we call on the people to take caution,” he warned.

Israeli pro-government media reports have accused Khartoum of arming Hamas in the current war in the Gaza Strip.

Sudanese armed forces spokesman Colonel Alswarmy Khalid Saad confirmed to the press in Khartoum on Sunday that the military has taken the Israeli threats seriously and prepared to counter any attack.

He denied any military support by his government to the Hamas fighters.

A military source said that the Sudanese authorities have put its air defense forces on high alert since last week.

The source, who asked for anonymity because he is not authorised to talk to the media, said that Khartoum has implemented the “Plan B” of evacuating sensitive military locations.

He confirmed that the government has raised the readiness at military factories and around Khartoum airport.

Arming Hamas

The Israeli army has conducted many air attacks on Sudan territory accusing Khartoum of arming Hamas.

Israel has also accused Sudan of cooperating with Iran in manufacturing chemical and nuclear weapons.

The latest attack was on October 2012, when the Israeli air forces bombarded the Sudanese military factory of Alyarmok in Khartoum.

Sudan has accused Israel of committing two air bombardments on the Sudanese coastal city of Port Sudan.